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New Integration: Connect More Apps With IFTTT! 

We’re always looking to better attend to our community’s demands with the best innovations and improvements for Akiflow. We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with IFTTT as a new integration in the latest release. 

IFTTT: Create custom automation and create tasks in Akiflow

IFTTT is a solution to make your apps and devices connect and work better together. You can create Applets to integrate your services in creative ways, enhancing them to work exactly as you need. 

From backing up tagged photos from Facebook to turning your lights on through your smart home setup, IFTTT explores the maximum potential of your gadgets and apps. By connecting it to Akiflow, you’ll be able to transform your automation into tasks. 

We have created a few Applets templates to help you get started, here are some of them:

Template 1

IFTTT screenshot

Transform your notes into tasks with this Evernote applet. Log in to your Evernote account, and connect it to IFTTT to proceed with the automation.

Template 2

IFTTT screenshot

Transform your messages into tasks with this Telegram applet. Log in to your Telegram account, and connect it to IFTTT to proceed with the automation.

Template 3

IFTTT screenshot

Transform your tagged articles into tasks with this Pocket applet. Log in to your Pocket account, and connect it to IFTTT to proceed with the automation.

Pro tip: IFTTT allows you to get creative with your task creation. You can create a task to remind you to listen to your Discover Weekly Spotify playlist every Monday, for example. Get inventive with it! 

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How to use the IFTTT integration

In Akiflow, go to Settings → Integrations to find all the steps to create Applets between Akiflow and your favorite tools.

Akiflow screenshot

You can use one of our Applet templates or create your own from scratch. Then, you’ll be able to see the pulled task directly in your inbox. 

Akiflow screenshot

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