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Your time is too valuable to be wasted on unproductive tasks. We made planning, executing, and achieving your goals easy, so you can focus on doing.

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Spend your time wisely

You can stop wasting time juggling between multiple apps to organize your work. Easily import all your tasks from your favorite tools into a single Inbox.
You can also turn your conversations into tasks!

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Effortless Planning

Turn your scattered to-do lists and calendars into a single view that lets you see everything at once. Quickly plan your day with the tasks available and the calendar events you already have planned.

Reminders that matter

Customize your notifications and decide what kind of notifications you want to receive, when and how often.

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Time Blocking app

Our powerful features will put you ahead of the game

Quick task actions

Prioritise, Plan and Snooze with keyboard shortcuts.

quick task actions
Share availability

Let people book when it works for both of you. No more ping-pong between email and calendar tabs to share your availability.

share availability
Recurrent tasks

Create tasks with any recurrence: every day, every 1st of the month, custom - you name it.

recurrent tasks
Time zones

Hit one shortcut to show every city's time zone in your calendar, side by side with your local time.

time zones
Offline Mode

Work offline without worrying about your internet connection.

Linked content

Automatically link content from your tools to avoid context switching.

linked content
Smart Projects

Custom projects to organize your work the way it feels right for you.
Easy to add, they help you have a visually clear view of your day.

smart projects
Time Slots

Make slots for various activities like Product Review, Customer Support etc, and then, fill those slots with tasks and take control of your day.

Upcoming View

Easily check and organize your schedule over time.

upcoming view
Command Bar

Forget about your mouse when creating a task. Use the command bar to schedule date, time, duration and categorize the task with projects and priority.

command bar

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