Time blocking

Time Blocking

Time management made easy with Akiflow

What is time

Time Blocking is a time management method that helps you plan how you spend your time during the day. To do this, you need to divide your day into several blocks and then set a task for each block.

What is time blocking?

How does time
blocking work?

It's all about planning. Split your daily time frame into hourly or smaller blocks, and then determine which activities to complete in each time block.

How does time blocking work?

Why should you use time blocking?

Time blocking gives you greater control over your schedule. You should use it if you want to:

tasks better
Meet deadlines
Meet all your
Deep focus
Replace multitasking for deep focus
Avoid distractions
Avoid distractions & procrastination

Time blocking
in Akiflow

Optimize your schedule with Akiflow, the most comprehensive time blocking app. Lock time slots for your tasks, just as you already do for your meetings, and find a balance between strategic and operational assignments.

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Timeblocking in Akiflow
Date Time Duration

Set the date, time, and duration

Drag and drop tasks on the calendar to make sure you have time to get everything done. Resize the task to change its duration, or press CTRL/CMD P to schedule the date, time, and duration.

Set date, time and duration
Date Lock tasks

Lock planned tasks automatically

Lock your planned tasks in your Google Calendar so other people won't be able to book meetings at that time. Go to Settings → Tasks → Lock automatically tasks in calendar.

Lock tasks
Focus mode

Focus on one task at a time

Use the Focus Mode to avoid multitasking and distractions, and deep focus on your current task. Click on a task and hit F to open the Focus Mode.

Focus mode

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