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New Release: Upcoming View, Todoist 2-Way Sync & More!

CEO & Founder

I am super excited to announce that we just released a huge new update.

🆕 Upcoming: view of planned tasks

Hit U to jump on this brand new view! Here you can quickly check your schedule over time.

Akiflow screenshot

 🔄 Todoist 2-way sync

Your edits on a Todoist task in Akiflow will be reflected on Todoist and vice-versa.

⚠️  Important information

  • Deleting a task in Akiflow will not be reflected in Todoist.
  •  The 2-way synch will only work from tasks created/edited from today onwards.
  • We now import tasks that are older than 120 days. You may find new tasks in your Inbox.

Learn more: Our Product Development Process

 🔎 New Search features

You can now search for:

🗓 Events titles and descriptions.

✏️ Task descriptions.

👥 Email addresses, to find every task or event related to that person.

→ Hit / or cmd/ctrl+F to open the Search bar!

Search feature - Akiflow

 🃏🃏 Duplicate tasks

Use cmd+D or the 3 dots menu to duplicate your tasks! -> The “From” section of the task won’t be duplicated because we can have only one task synched with a source task.

🌷 Improvements

🔗 Akiflow now adds links from your task titles/descriptions
in the “Links” field → use O to open all the selected tasks’ links!

✏️ Use cmd/ctrl + drag to create tasks directly from your calendar.

💬 Referral: you can now easily copy your referral link or invite via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, as always, email.

📊 Daily overview now shows only the label stats for completed tasks.

🕒 Share availability: the text shows more clearly the time zone selected.

🗓 The “Tasks planned for today” all-day event Akiflow creates on Gcal, now follows your default calendar visibility.

🔁 Task popup: show recurrence if the date is set.

 ✨ Akiflow has new fonts and icons.

🔧 Improved labels drag&drop in the menu.

🖥 ClickUp tasks open in the ClickUp Desktop app instead of the Browser.

Get to know more features: New Release: Share Availability, Bookable Links & More!

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