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New Release: Share Availability, Bookable Links & More!

CEO & Founder

I am super excited to announce that we just released a big update to Akiflow.

📅 Share availability – bookable links

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We updated our Share Availability feature with bookable links

You can now share a link to book directly a meeting with you:

  • Single-use or multi-use links
  • Send meeting email reminders to your guest.

Your guests can pick a time, and the event will be added to your calendar.

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👀 Event and Tasks Visibility

Set your events to be Private or Public and choose if others who have access to your calendar can see your event’s details.

You can do the same with tasks locked in the calendar by going to Settings → Tasks → Event Visibility.

Akiflow screenshot

Duration improvements

  • Akiflow won’t automatically assign a duration to your tasks.
  • You can check the total duration assigned to your tasks in the Today/Upcoming view.
  • Switched the shortcut to assign a duration to a task: from Y to = (like in the Command Bar).

There’s more! Check the complete backlog here.

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