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Akiflow Announces A Seed Funding Round

CEO & Founder

We are thrilled to announce the end of our Seed investment round led by Benson Oak Ventures with a lineup of high-profile investors. We were able to raise approximately $1.8 million of funding. 🎉

A better way of managing your tasks and time

In the last few years, we have seen tremendous changes in our workspace. The pandemic has disrupted the idea of a “traditional office” work environment, with many of us now working in a hybrid office, combining remote work and office time. That’s not the only significant shift in the workspace; in fact, work environments changed, but so did the very nature of people’s jobs. Knowledge workers nowadays spend a lot of time juggling various tasks – project management tools, email, chat apps, etc.

In a world where the boundaries between private life and work-life are thinner than ever, and the complexity of our jobs is higher than ever, effective planning has become essential to help everyone use their time as efficiently as possible.

There are many ways and tools to approach time management, but our goal is to offer a future-proof solution ready for the work of tomorrow.

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Building Akiflow

Akiflow started in 2020 when, together with my co-founders Sebastiano and Nicola, we were accepted into Y-combinator in the first-ever remote batch.

When we started Akiflow, we built a command bar to create tasks on Asana, Trello, etc.. or add events on the calendar. We soon understood that we were enabling people to manage their sub-optimal productivity system faster. But our users’ end goal was to be organized by having everything in the same place. Since they did not find an app that was helping achieve that, they were trying to make the whole experience with multiple tools much faster. We decided to pivot and build the Akiflow you know today, supporting people in managing their time and tasks.

The feedback has been fantastic; beyond being “product of the day” and “product of the week” on Product Hunt we have an active community of users that keeps growing, pushing us to build and refine our solution every day.

Today we want to thank our users and a lineup of incredible investors that are believing in our vision.

What’s next

We will continue to invest extensively in our product to make it the best time and task-management solution for individual and team productivity. You can expect new enhanced productivity features and a groundbreaking mobile app in our upcoming releases.

The next step is a new hiring round. We are looking for talented people to join our fully remote team on this ambitious journey.

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