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The Top 3 Todoist Alternatives (In-Depth Review)

Over 25 million people now use Todoist to stay on track and plan their day. It has expanded rapidly and is now a widely used task manager with seamless integrations into other task and calendar managers like Akiflow.

While Todoist is hugely popular among its wide user base, there are now a variety of Todoist alternatives on the market. In this article, we will perform an in-depth review of Todoist, and the top 3 best alternatives to Todoist available now.

What is Todoist?

Todoist is a task manager that has gained massive popularity in the last few years. It has apps for all major devices and platforms, and users love its simple, user-friendly interface. You can use the tool as a single user or collaborate with a team.

Todoist screenshot


  • Cross-platform support with fast and reliable synching
  • Customizable task views including natural language input
  • Works offline


  • While the free version of the app is a good start, important features like reminders, labels, uploading files, and commenting on tasks require the paid version.
  • Some users complain of lagging 
  • The interface is somewhat confusing and overwhelming for some users


Free – $0

The free account retains most of its core features, and if you are using the app as a simple to-do list then the free version would likely be adequate. It is, however, missing some core features that you may want such as reminders, labels, filters, and the ability to comment or upload files.

Premium – $8 per month

The premium membership tier offers all of the features missing from the free version mentioned above. You can also get productivity reports, email forwarding, calendar syncing, project templates, an activity log, and priority support.

Business – $12 per member per month

With a business account, you have access to all of the above features, as well as a shared team inbox, admin and member roles, priority support, and a centralized billing system. This is the go-to option if you’re managing large-scale projects with multiple team members.

Why is Todoist so popular?

Because of the flexibility of solo tasks vs team management, the app can be used as a simple to-do list, or as a more complex work-management app for projects. The cross-platform support is popular with customers and the free version of the app has plenty of features.

However, while Todosit is a popular choice, it lacks certain features that other apps offer. Further, some users are looking for a simpler solution with a less complex interface. Regardless of your reasoning, here are some of the top criteria to consider when looking for a Todoist alternative. 

Criteria to consider

  • How well does the app integrate with your existing systems?

If the app is difficult to use or has a steep learning curve, you are less likely to use it regularly, and it will be easier to use if it allows integration with your existing software.

  • Are you using the app for an individual or a larger enterprise?

Different features suit each of these needs better; enterprises will need more admin access and security features, whereas singular users may prefer flexible language tools and templates so that an individual can customize the software to their personal life.

  • What is the price point?

When considering the above features, you will have to balance them with the cost of the app. Most Todoist alternatives charge a monthly fee, which will be slightly lower if you commit to a full year.

Best Todoist Alternatives

When looking for Todoist alternatives some apps are direct comparisons with similar features and audiences. Others are quite different in functionality but still achieve the goal of consolidating your task planning and organization.

Below we will be comparing three Todoist alternatives – Akiflow, and Asana. 

Key takeaway

This section’s main purpose is to rank as a featured snippet.

  • For consolidating all of your existing apps as an individual or business into a task management system, complete with calendar management, Akiflow is right for you.
  • For simple, streamlined to-do list management, is the winner.
  • For large-scale enterprise project management, Asana is a powerful tool.

1. Akiflow

Key takeaway

Akiflow is a task manager and app that consolidates all of your existing apps as an individual or business into a task management system, complete with calendar management.


Akiflow allows users to consolidate all of their existing time management apps with its extensive integration options. The calendar control allows users to create meetings and alerts in their normal calendar directly from their conversations in other apps like Slack or Gmail.

Akiflow provides users with a universal inbox across all integrated tools, and the centralized command bar means your tasks won’t ever get lost again. The Akiflow app can be scalable for freelancers and large-scale management alike.

Akiflow screenshot


Free Trial – $0

To explore all of the Akiflow features with no commitment, they offer a 7-day free trial with no credit card required. You can sign up easily through Google and gain access to all of its popular features.

Premium – $15 per month

Once your free trial has ended, the Akiflow app is $15 per month. This includes all of the features like unlimited integrations, unlimited calendars, managing multiple time zones and managing availability, time bookings, and events in calendars. 

With no tiered pricing, you can access all of Akiflow’s features which makes the app scalable to your needs, from individual freelancers to large enterprise solutions. Read more about the Akiflow pricing here.


  • Seamlessly integrate all your existing apps into one location which creates a scalable solution depending on your needs
  • Manage calendars including blocking time and turning conversations into tasks
  • Integrated inbox across all of your apps


  • No built-in timeline creation or management. This is handled through your integrated apps


Key takeaway

With a user-friendly to-do list style interface and geo-located reminders for personal tasks, if you’re a single user looking for a Todoist free alternative, then could be the solution for you.

Features is a simple to use and easily accessible to-do list manager that is popular with individual users, particularly those with ADHD, to help manage their time effectively. Users love features like geo-located reminders to remind them of tasks like dropping off a letter when you are close to the post office. screenshot


Free – $0

The free account is a great solution for individuals tracking personal tasks. It allows up to 1.5Mb of file uploads, priority tagging, and five ‘ moments’ per month, one shared task as a creator and lists shared in read-only mode.

Premium – $5.99 per month

The premium plan is great for more complicated task planning, including WhatsApp reminders and integration, advanced recurring tasks that you can customize, location-based reminders, focus mode on mobile, Zapier integration, and premium support.


  • Location-based reminders, for tasks like picking up dry cleaning, that alert when you are near
  • Grocery list and other items specifically for individual use
  • Customizable, with no mandatory fields


  • 7-day limit on planning
  • No built-in calendar
  • No ability to create or view timelines or Gantt charts

3. Asana

Key takeaway

Asana is a scaleable, powerful project management tool that’s ideal for larger project teams or enterprises.


For powerful project planning, Asana is a popular Todoist alternative. Asana is a platform that’s more focused on larger teams and complicated project management. With detailed progress dashboards, and the ability to create and manage timelines, it is a great solution for businesses and larger teams.

So if you have lots of projects and multiple team members to collaborate with, Asana could be your pick! Asana also has many integration options, to interlink your whole system.

Asana screenshot


Free – 0$

Although the premium versions of Asana are more expensive than some competitors, the free version has many features and is a great alternative to Todoist. 

The free option allows unlimited tasks, projects, and messages, with up to 15 collaborating teammates. You can view calendars, lists, or boards, and create project overviews and briefs. You can assign tasks and give due dates, and integrate with over 100 other apps.

Premium – $18.39 per month

For teams wanting to create and manage more extensive project plans, the premium version of Asana includes timelines, unlimited free guests, reporting, workflow building, an admin console, private teams and projects, rules and milestones, and custom fields.

Business – $41.49 per month

For larger enterprises, the business account offers portfolios, goals, workload visibility, custom rule building, approvals, proofing, and advanced integrations with Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, and Power BI.


  • Expansive integration with many other project management apps like Google Drive, MS Teams, Slack, and Akiflow.
  • Comprehensive task management, with the ability to assign, prioritize and move around tasks
  • Many collaboration features, allow users to invite other collaborators to their tasks or projects


  • Less user-friendly interface than the other options, and has a slight learning curve
  • Only one user can be assigned to a task at any one time
  • More expensive than other options on the market for the premium accounts

Become productive like never before

In the search for a Todoist alternative, it’s important to consider your personal needs. Are you an individual looking to increase your productivity and manage your schedule, or an enterprise looking for complex project management?

The three Todoist alternatives that we have reviewed in this article cover a range of features and can be customized to your individual needs. To ensure that your systems and processes are all integrated seamlessly regardless of which tool you choose, connect them all with Akiflow.

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