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3 Microsoft To-Do Alternatives To Get More Done

When it comes to organizing your tasks and managing your time efficiently, the first software that comes to mind is Microsoft To-Do. But after some time, you may feel that this app is only fit for tracking personal lists and not good enough for all your needs. 

There are various situations where Microsoft To-Do falls short, which is where alternative software comes in. For example, Microsoft To-Do’s capabilities may not be suitable for larger projects that require start and end dates or location-based reminders. 

Multiple Microsoft To-Do alternatives, such as apps like Wunderlist and Akiflow, offer better scalability, functionality, and an intuitive interface in such cases. Keep reading to discover how these alternatives compensate for lacking features and support for business and group projects.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is an easy-to-use task management software built with an intuitive interface. However, it isn’t the perfect example of a powerful management tool that handles large projects. It’s only compatible with small team projects.

Instead, Microsoft To-Do might be better suited as integration on another project management tool. This software doesn’t offer the functionality and scalability that businesses and heavy projects require. However, its features are sufficient if you only wish to manage your personal tasks and schedules.

One of the primary concerns is managing time management tasks, as Microsoft To-Do doesn’t go beyond the basic concept of remembering tasks. 

Key Takeaway

Microsoft To-Do is free software that offers basic to-do list features and syncs with Outlook Tasks. But it lags behind its competition when it’s time to boost productivity, automate daily operations, and save time. 

Microsoft To-Do doesn’t allow you to add details to subtasks or work with priority ratings, custom views, or advanced search. In addition, the lack of location-based reminders and natural language input makes it even harder to use.

Relevant Features 

Here are a few features of Microsoft To-Do that get the job done but are not more accessible than a manual planner.

  • File Sharing: Aside from listing and scheduling, Microsoft To-Do offers the industry standard of file sharing that enables you to share your listed tasks with other app users. In addition, you can upload files and share them with selected app users. The software provides different levels of permissions that make it easier for you to track their use. 
  • Convenient Interface: Although Microsoft To-Do doesn’t offer any scalable features, it comes with a convenient interface that is easy for those who aren’t tech-savvy. It provides usage patterns as different types of icons, folders, fonts, and other elements are helpful in various contexts.
  • Scheduling and Task Prioritization: By taking advantage of the prioritization feature and smart algorithm, you can simply assess and rethink the necessity of completing each listed task. As a result, the software may boost your productivity and help you get things done on time. 
  • Security: Microsoft To-Do secures your personal lists by allowing you to use identity verification through a two-factor authentication process. This software is also a part of the Microsoft cloud ecosystem which means you can benefit from the Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations. 


Microsoft To-Do is free to use at the Microsoft Store.


  • Free of cost
  • Intuitive user interface
  • File sharing and smart algorithm


  • Lacking important features
  • Not suitable for businesses or group projects
  • Lack of phone support

Microsoft To-Do List Alternatives

  1. Akiflow 
Akiflow screenshot

Akiflow is the perfect alternative for Microsoft To-Do since it offers a wider range of features and automates every action to increase productivity. This software is ideal for developers, founders, freelancers, managers, and sales teams.

Using Akiflow, users can utilize their time wisely and reallocate their resources to operations that matter. Now, you can stop shifting back and forth between different platforms to complete one task and integrate all your favorite business platforms on one platform.

Priority management is the best aspect of Akiflow, allowing you to remember what’s important and how you will reach your daily goals. You’ll finally be able to make time for your ultimate goal once Akiflow helps make planning, executing, and achieving your goals easy. 

Key Takeaway

Akiflow is an easy-to-use task management software that excels in areas where Microsoft To-Do lacks. In addition, this software comprises features that focus on the user type, whether a developer, founder, freelancer, manager, or sales team. 

Relevant Features

Here are a few features of Akiflow that make it a better alternative to Microsoft To-Do. 

  • Notifications: The Notifications feature of Akiflow sends smart notifications that automate every step along the way, including actions related to the alert. For example, you can make calls with the click of a button or view details of the event at hand. 
  • Conversations Into Tasks: Conversations Into Tasks allow you to integrate all your favorite business tools into one platform, such as Trello, Gmail, Slack, and more. With your permission, Akiflow tracks your business conversations and converts actionable messages into tasks with the click of a button.
  • Command Bar: The Command Bar allows you to add, edit, and manage tasks and events. It enables you to leverage natural language and special characters to schedule tasks. 
  • Share Availability: Share Availability simplifies availability sharing by allowing you to select and share your slots in seconds quickly. It allows you to select your slots in seconds, copy them, and paste them onto your email. 
  • Universal Inbox: The Universal Inbox feature organizes all your tasks in one place. It utilizes your tasks, events, integrations, notifications, and all other aspects and puts them on one intuitive interface with unbelievably easy navigation and automation for all your redundant actions. 


Akiflow costs $15 or $12.50 per month on a yearly subscription.


  • Quick task-to-calendar functions and time-blocking
  • The command bar creates tasks automatically
  • App integrations for increased productivity


  • Not free of cost
  • No mobile application is available
  1. MindManager
MindManager screenshot

MindManager is a mind mapping software that creates flowcharts and organizational charts and manages your workforce. Brainstorming and organization are its main purposes, standing out for its mind mapping toolkit and selection of add-on options. MindManager allows you to create Gantt charts, add indexes and schedules, and present your charts and maps.

Key Takeaway

MindManager’s productivity capabilities exceed Microsoft To-Do by helping you and your team manage projects and streamline ideas. It offers great levels of mind-mapping customizability, making for a great addition to your business or organization.

Relevant Features

Here are a few features of MindManager that make it a better alternative to Microsoft To-Do. 

  • Maps: MindManager allows you to connect maps and export them to Word or other software. The app also creates Gantt charts, adds indexes and schedules, and displays your charts and maps in Presentation Mode.
  • Templates: MindManager offers development, risk management, and training templates for project management. You can sync your templates and business data with other productivity platforms such as Outlook and Slack. 
  • Smart Rules: MindManager offers advanced conditional formatting to create intelligent charts that adapt to the data they display. Create specific triggers and add them to your library for later use. 


Essentials, MindManager’s web version for individual projects and productivity, costs $99 annually. Professional, the complete MindManager experience, costs $169 annually. Enterprise requires you to get a quote as it features special benefits for enterprises, governments, nonprofits, and educational institutions.


  • Advanced formatting options
  • Syncs with hundreds of apps and programs
  • Free 30-day trial with no restricted access


  • Somewhat expensive
  • No importing from PowerPoint or Excel
  1. FunctionFox
FunctionFox screenshot

FunctionFox offers time-tracking solutions for marketing, in-house, creative, and design teams and freelancers. Its features include timesheets, estimates, scheduling, task assignment, and reporting. Creative teams that work with billing and timesheet can benefit from FunctionFox’s capabilities. However, since it’s a cloud-based platform, it does not have downloads, installation, or IT support. 

Key Takeaway

FunctionFox’s well-organized interface, solid feature set, and time-tracking capabilities are impressive. It’s an ideal solution for large organizations since it supports an unlimited number of clients and projects. However, its price is somewhat high compared to its competition. 

Relevant Features

Here are a few features of FunctionFox that make it a better alternative to Microsoft To-Do. 

  • Time and Expense Tracking: FunctionFox enables your team to track projects and expenses on one platform and receive real-time updates at the right time. 
  • Estimates and Budgets: The software prevents budget overruns by providing quick access to the status of each project, whether you bill by the hour, project, or retainer. 
  • Reports: FunctionFox automatically creates reports detailing every aspect of each project in real-time reporting, interactive charts, and CEO Desktop. 
  • Gantt Charts: With the help of Gantt charts, production schedules, project email alerts, and progress reports, users can stay on track and never miss deadlines.
  • Internal Communication Boards: FunctionFox’s communication boards enable communication across teams while working on a project without switching apps or manually listing tasks from other software. 


FunctionFox’s pricing plans begin at $35 per month for the first user and $5 per additional user per month. 


  • Well-organized user interface
  • Solid selection of reports
  • Clocks in on multiple tasks at the same time


  • No GPS monitoring or geofencing
  • Relatively expensive

Manage Your Tasks With Akiflow 

Managing tasks daily can be a hassle if you use a task management app, such as Microsoft To-Do, that doesn’t meet your demands. With Akiflow, you can save time on task management, get things done before the deadline, and reallocate your resources smartly. Sign up now to up your time management skills with just a few clicks.  

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