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Google Calendar + Akiflow

Connect your Google Calendar to Akiflow to consolidate all meetings and events into your schedule, and make it easier to plan your day and not miss any appointments.

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About the Google Calendar integration

Go to Settings in your Akiflow account, head to the Integrations page, and click on Google Calendar. You can also set it as your primary or default calendar on the Calendar page.
Using shortcuts or by clicking on the ⚙️ on top of your Akiflow calendar, you can also easily change how many days or which calendars to display in your calendar.

Stay organized with the Google Calendar integration

Akiflow makes planning fast and easy, so you can have more time to execute your tasks. Focus on what’s important and get things done.

We've built the Google Calendar integration to unify your calendar and your to-do list in a single view. You'll be able to optimize the time spent in meetings and plan your days better by time blocking your tasks in-between calls.


Google Calendar Google Calendar: FAQs

Why do you ask for permission to connect to Google Calendar?
  1. See and download your contactsInvite all your contacts to your events
  2. See and download contact info automatically saved in your ‘Other contacts’Invite your other contacts to your events
  3. See, edit, share and permanently delete all the calendars that you can access using Google CalendarSee, create, edit, and delete events directly from Akiflow
You can connect as many Google Calendar accounts as you want!
  1. Go to Settings → Tasks → Lock automatically tasks in calendar
    You’ll see all your scheduled in calendar tasks on Google Calendar. Lock tasks in calendars settings
  2. Show single events on Google Calendar: use the lock icon on the task popup. Lock tasks in popup
  3. Akiflow creates an all-day event in Google Calendar showing all your tasks planned for the day so you easily check them from your phone. Read more on mobile here. Tasks planned calendar event

Use the ⚙ icon in the in the top right corner of your Akiflow Calendar to pick which calendars to display and to receive notifications from.

Calendars visibility

Akiflow and Google Calendar are synched in real time.

When you create or edit an event in Google Calendar, it’ll be shown in your Akiflow calendar.

Any changes you make in Akiflow, will be reflected on Google Calendar.