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Connect your Gmail to Akiflow to turn your emails into tasks.

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About the Gmail integration

Go to Settings in your Akiflow account, head to the Integrations page, and click on Gmail. You can choose how to Import your emails into your Inbox:

  • Star an email
  • 🏷 Label Akiflow will automatically create the “Akiflow” label in Gmail for you.
  • TIP

    If you accidentally import too many emails, you can multi-select your tasks to take bulk actions!

Stay organized with the Gmail integration

Akiflow makes planning fast and easy, so you can have more time to execute your tasks. Focus on what’s important and to get things done.

We’ve built the Gmail integration to help you process and plan those tasks that come via email, and that are often lost in between hundreds of messages. Connect your Gmail with Akiflow to manage your email inbox like a pro!

Which emails should I import into Akiflow?

Ask yourself how long does it take to deal with this right now?

  • < 2 minutes -> Do it right now!
  • > 2 minutes -> It's a task! -> Push it to your Inbox

How to integrate Superhuman

Go back to the already connected Gmail account and turn on the Superhuman toggle.


Hit O as "Open" on a task to be redirected to the Gmail source email

Gmail: FAQs

Akiflow asks for the “Read, compose and send emails from your Gmail account” permission to import your emails into Akiflow and unsave/unstar them.

You can connect as many Gmail accounts as you want!

You can use the 🏷 Akiflow Label. Go to your Gmail integration and select the Akiflow label import option.

You choose! A popup will appear with the following options:

  • Pick which emails to delete:
  • Delete all your emails:
    • Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Connected -> Gmail -> Click on the button “Delete all tasks fetched from this account”. This action will delete all the tasks imported so far from Gmail in Akiflow. Nothing will happen to your source emails in Gmail.

When you delete a task on Akiflow, nothing happens to the source task (your email).

Akiflow imports your emails when you star/label them.
You can unstar/unsave an email from Akiflow by marking the respective task as done.
Any changes you make in Akiflow, won’t be reflected on Gmail/Superhuman.

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