The Eisenhower Box: A Hack To Prioritize Your Tasks

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The Eisenhower box method (also known as the Eisenhower matrix)  is a matrix-based productivity tool, which helps you focus on priorities. This is the only box you’ll need to stay organized. The Eisenhower box is just like the numerous boxes stocked up in your house to organize, save space, hold things, and whatnot. It keeps the list of your tasks, saves that much-needed space in your mind, and ultimately helps organize.

Let’s go into the details.

The Eisenhower box is primarily a method of prioritizing your tasks on the grounds of urgency and importance. In this method, you make a list of tasks that need to be completed and then separate them into four different boxes on the basis mentioned above.

Ex-president Dwight Eisenhower is the creator of the Eisenhower box and is one of the most productive presidents of the country, which is not surprising. Because it turns out, Eisenhower’s box is that good.

Reasons why you need the Eisenhower’s box

First of all, this method is very clear-cut and straightforward in such a way that there can be no confusion. No, seriously, you can’t mess it up.

Secondly, you can literally apply this method to all tasks, both at work and at home. This will help you achieve that tricky work-life balance. And this method is all about priorities and cutting out unnecessary stuff, which often consumes a lot of our time.

Combining the Eisenhower box with the GTD framework or the Pomodoro technique will boost your productivity, unlike anything else.

How do I box it?

Before we talk about Eisenhower’s boxes, we need to talk about the difference between urgency and importance. People are often confusedd between the two, so it is crucial to set them apart. Tasks or events towards which you feel the need to react fall under urgency. For example, you are replying to a text from a friend. In contrast, actions or events that contribute to your goals and general well-being come under important ones. Ex. Buying a house.

Based on this, Eisenhower asks you to divide your to-dos into four categories and deal with them in the said manners, which are:

  • Important and urgent– Do it immediately. Ex. Your homework or project
  • Important, but not urgent– Schedule. Ex. Hitting the gym
  • Urgent, but not important– Delegate it (ask someone else to do it). Ex. Proofreading your article.
  • Neither urgent nor important– Delete it Ex. Watching Friends

After you categorize your to-dos this way, you will immediately know the next action that needs to be done. Your head will be clearer, and your constant stress baggage will feel lighter. So, I encourage you to try this tried and tested productivity method because it does not get more tried and tested than this if you know what I mean.


Important – events that contribute to your goals and well-being

Urgent – events towards which you feel the need to react

  1. Important and urgent– Doit
  2. Important, but not urgent– Schedule
  3. Urgent, but not important– Delegate it
  4. Neither urgent nor important– Delete

Start prioritizing based on what is important.

The Eisenhower box helps you focus on your tasks, categorize your work, prioritize effectively, and organize. Simple, but effective. There’s no reason for you not to try it out. After all, you are a busy person who has a ton on his or her plate. Your time should be spent wisely and wisely alone. So try the steps above to determine which task is most important and relegate the rest to the list of lesser priorities. And if you don’t have time to try out the Eisenhower box right now, save this article for later. By all means, go ahead and bookmark this page. You never know when a little organizing wisdom will come in handy.