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Best Calendar Sharing Apps to Boost Productivity (2023)

Aanchal Parmar
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Scheduling is always helpful and practical whether you strategize a week ahead, the day before, or the day in the morning. It sets the priority for your long to-do list and duly allocates a specific time and date for it, and can be made easy with the help of calendar apps as they create efficient workflows. 

However, finding one perfect calendar app that suits all your needs can sometimes be a struggle. In this short guide, we have created a list of the seven best calendar apps for you to maintain a steady productivity flow while tackling numerous tasks.

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Best Calendar App For Windows

  1. Google Calendar
Google Calendar View

Source: Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a powerful app with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand features. It lets you create a new event and smoothly switch between weekly and monthly tasks. Further, you can also set up meetings with other people on Google Meet directly from your calendar.

It offers features such as sharing schedules with your whole team, making it easier to coordinate teamwork and keep up with everyone’s daily progress. You can even use it for personal tasks like planning an event or grocery shopping. 

Key features:

  • Allows you to share your calendar.
  • Can sync with other apps of your usage.
  • Non-overwhelming notifications.


  • Basic plan: Free
  • Business plan: $5/month
  • Enterprise plan: Custom to the business needs
  1. Outlook Calendar
Outlook Calendar View

Source: Outlook

Outlook is an all-rounder calendar app loaded with task management, event creation, and contact handling features. Its calendar interface makes organizing easy and quick, and you can also book appointments or follow up on the replies from a single app.

This app makes collaborating with your team easier and synchronizing schedules or even accessing their work activities. You can also auto-sync your traveling schedule and due bill dates never to miss them. Besides all this ease of data sharing, Outlook offers users corporate-level data security mechanisms. 

Key features:

  • Gives you access to teammates’ calendars, increasing team workflow transparency. 
  • You can create multiple calendars for different purposes. 
  • Can share your schedule through email.


  • Basic plan: $5/user
  • Standard plan: $12.50/user
  • Premium plan: $20/user
  1. Timetree
Timetree Calendar View

Source: Timetree

TimeTree is an app with a neat and minimalist layout that helps you keep track of your work tasks and also allows you to manage your events. It is as simple as a paper calendar where you can write down all of your activities with dates so you don’t forget about them later. Also, in TimeTree you can schedule your day and make memos.

It is commonly used as a mobile app, but its web-based version allows you to access TimeTree from any desktop and makes it ideal for small team projects.

Key features:

  • Highly customizable according to user needs and project requirements.
  • In-app note-taking with event assigning makes planning flawless.
  • You can also add memos to the calendar events shared with you.
  • Optional public calendar access.
  • Unique timeline with feed layout for easy task organization.  


  • Free (with ads)

Best Calendar Apps For macOS

  1.  Apple iCloud Calendar
Apple Calendar View

Source: Apple

Apple Calendar is the most popular calendar amongst macOS users. It comes pre-installed and synced with iCloud. It can be integrated with other tools like Google calendar, Yahoo, Exchange, and CalDAV servers. Its high compatibility makes scheduling new and rearranging old appointments easier.

It can sync data from your other Apple devices like iPad or iPhone effortlessly, and you can categorize your recurring tasks daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. 

Key features:

  • Comes pre-installed on all Apple devices.
  • Easy to sync your calendar with other integrations.
  • Can access or edit your calendar via the iCloud app from anywhere.
  • Simple intuitive design with smooth operational functionality
  • Allows you to create a different calendar and differentiates them with color-coding.


  • Free
  1. BusyCal
BusyCal Calendar View

Source: BusyCal

BusyCal is a MacOs calendar app that helps users stay on top of every event, meeting, and task. It’s ideal for business use as it offers a wide range of customization with minimum effort input. 

It also warns you about the weather changes on the date and time of upcoming events. With its smooth in-app navigation and UI color change scheme, you can customize the info panel, fonts, and design.

Moreover, you can also sync your Google, Yahoo, Fruux, Office 365, Exchange, CalDAV, and Fastmail accounts. 

Key features:

  • View task categories on a timely basis – daily, weekly, monthly and annually.
  • Can customize the menu and panel view.
  • Allows you to integrate to-dos in your calendar and assign due dates.
  • Can add tasks, which are set to happen at a certain time of day.
  • Travel time feature to help you plan your journey for appointments and events.


  • Subscription: $9.99/month (other indie Mac apps included)
  • Lifetime: $49.99 with a 30-day free trial
  • For iPhones: $4.99
  1. Fantastical
Fantastical Calendar View

Source: Fantastical

Fantastical makes in-app navigation smooth and speedy with its quick-loading time. It can be optimized with 14 other dynamic widgets to maximize functionality corresponding to your needs without affecting performance.

These widgets allow you to customize the calendar according to work demands. You can even make events more detailed by attaching files and images. It highlights recurring tasks and turns them into templates to make operations fast.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Provides various event and task templates. 
  • 10 days ahead weather forecast reports corresponding to your events.
  • Can auto-mark meetings date and time by syncing emails


  • Individual plan: $4.99 (monthly) or $3.33 (annually)
  • Team plan: $7.99 (monthly) or $5.42 (annually)

Best Calendar App For macOs & Windows

  1. Akiflow
Akiflow Calendar View

Source: Akiflow

Akiflow is a calendar and task manager app compatible with both Windows and Mac that helps you keep the day more organized. It boosts the user’s productivity by speeding up the task planning and management workflow.

You can schedule your day and track your progress, ensuring the maximum outcome of minimum efforts. Its organizing feature prevents mistakes that can affect your productivity and other factors like distractions, work-overloading, over-scheduling, and context switching.

It neatly presents your whole day schedule and notifies you about upcoming events and due dates. You can access your task with shortcut keys, eliminating any complexities to keep your mind focused and clear.

Besides, you can integrate other apps with Akiflow. Such as Gmail, Slack, Notion, Zoom, Asana, Superhuman, and Todoist. So if multitasking confuses you or work overload affects efficiency, then you need this app. Workflow organizing is key to your salvation, which is easy with Akiflow. So avail your 14-day free trial today.

Key Features:

  • Two in one calendar and task manager to make your day more productive.
  • No risk of missing any events with non-overwhelming reminders.
  • Easy to use functionality with high affordability.
  • Multiple integrations allow you to handle tasks from various sources.
  • The “focus mode” eliminates all probable distractions during work.
  • Every task is only one shortcut away.
  • Make your workflow seamless with customizable labels, time zones and smart notifications.


  • Monthly plan: $15/month
  • Annual plan: $12.5/month


Once you start using an app, stick with one calendar app to procure a healthy and productive schedule. It helps to generate viable results and speedy processes instead of surfing over numerous applications.Akiflow is a one-stop shop solution where you can schedule your tasks, manage your calendar, and finish your work in no time. Sign up for a trial version today!

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