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🌟 Akiflow’s Latest Update: Microsoft Teams Integration and Enhanced Calendar Management 🌟

Join the innovation journey with Akiflow as we unveil features that promise to elevate your scheduling and task management game. Francesco, our Marketing Manager, and Stefania, our Product Manager, to walk you through our latest release. Get ready for a series of enhancements that are sure to integrate seamlessly with your daily workflow.

🚀 Eager for the full scoop on our latest and greatest features? Zoom right into our complete changelog and start exploring every shiny detail we’ve packed into this update!

🤝 Microsoft Teams Integration: Task Management at Its Finest

A New Era of Integration

  • 🚀 First Microsoft Teams Integration: We’re proud to introduce a seamless connection with Microsoft Teams, marking a milestone in Akiflow’s evolution.
  • ✨ One-Click Task Creation: Effortlessly convert messages into tasks, bringing our efficiency to the Microsoft ecosystem.

Coming Soon: Outlook Calendar Integration

  • 🔜 Anticipate an even more comprehensive scheduling experience as we gear up to bring you the much-awaited Outlook calendar integration.

📆 Calendar Upgrades: Swipe and Plan with Ease

Horizontal Scroll:

  • 🔄 Discover the fluidity of the horizontal scroll, a game-changer in navigating your calendar.

Task Visibility Control:

  • 👓 Opt for a minimalist calendar view by hiding completed tasks, ensuring focus on what’s ahead.

⏱️ Time Slot Transformation: Schedule Like a Pro

Direct Task Planning:

  • 🎯 Drag tasks straight from labels into your calendar, assigning them to time slots in a snap.

Replan with a Click:

  • 🔄 Utilize the ‘Replan Undone Tasks’ button to swiftly reschedule tasks, leveraging Akiflow’s intelligent suggestions.

Personalized Task Management:

  • 🏷️ Akiflow’s learned behavior now offers personalized label suggestions, streamlining your organization process.

🛠️ Task Handling: Pin, Rearrange, and Duplicate

Pin View:

  • 📌 Introducing the ‘Pin’ view: manage tasks with undivided attention while keeping essential views accessible.

Manual Task Reordering:

  • 🔄 Take control by manually reordering tasks within time slots for customized prioritization.

Enhanced Duplication:

  • 🤹 Enjoy the convenience of duplicating tasks, events, and labels with our improved shortcut functionality.

💬 Engage with Us: Your Feedback Fuels Innovation

We’re dedicated to continuously refining Akiflow to suit your needs. Explore the full array of new features detailed in our change log, linked below the video. Your thoughts and feedback are crucial to us; reach out through Slack, Intercom, or email.

🎉 Final Thoughts: Your Workspace, Supercharged

With each update, we strive to bring you closer to a seamlessly managed workspace. Your productivity is our priority, and these latest features are just the beginning.

Embrace the new Akiflow and let us know how these updates transform your time management experience. Until our next innovation, enjoy the journey to peak productivity with Akiflow!

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