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Akiflow’s New Release: Elevate Your Time Management Game

We’re back with a bang, and this time, we’re bringing you a comprehensive video breakdown of our latest features. Presented by Francesco, our Marketing Manager, and Stefania, our Product Manager, this video is a deep dive into how Akiflow is revolutionizing the way you plan and organize. Let’s delve into the exciting updates

🎨 Time Slots: Craft Your Ideal Schedule

Our brand-new Time Slots feature is here to redefine your planning experience:

  • Create Time Slots effortlessly:
    • Use Option ⌥ (or Alt on Windows) and draw directly on the calendar.
    • Right-click anywhere on the calendar.
    • Initiate a task/event with a simple click and then switch to Slot mode.
  • Drag & drop tasks with ease into a Time Slot.
  • Personalize with vibrant labels for a colorful touch.
  • Secure your planning by locking a Time Slot to a specific calendar account.
  • Dive deeper into Time Slots here!

📅 Calendar Only View & Resize Panels: Pure Magic!

Experience a distraction-free calendar view like never before:

  • Activate the calendar-only view using Shortcut 0 or the collapse button.
  • Adjusting the tasklist and calendar columns is now a breeze with our intuitive resizing feature.

🔥 Calendar Enhancements: Because Details Matter

  • Enjoy a seamless drag & drop experience.
  • Add a splash of color with unlimited event color options.
  • Duplicate events in a snap with cmd D or Option ⌥ (Ctrl or Alt on Windows).
  • ‘Today’ now shines brighter and bigger in the calendar for easy reference.

🌸 Additional Features to Boost Your Productivity

  • Our revamped booking page now sports a sleek, unbranded look.
  • For Todoist enthusiasts, we’ve integrated a 2-way sync with Akiflow’s tasks for the new duration field.

🏷️ Labels: Organize Like a Pro!

Take control of your tasks with our enhanced label features:

  • The fan-favorite manual sorting option has made a comeback!
  • Keep things tidy with our collapsible labels and tags feature.

We’re always striving to make Akiflow the ultimate tool for your time management needs. Your feedback is our guiding light, so keep those suggestions coming. Until next time, happy planning and organizing! 🚀

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