Zapier + Akiflow

Connect your favorite apps to Akiflow with Zapier and build a personalized workspace that fits perfectly the way you work.

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About the Zapier integration

Go to Zapier and signup. Then, search for Akiflow in My Apps and add it.

In Akiflow, go to Settings → Integrations, there you can find all the steps to create Zaps between Akiflow and your favorite tools.


Design a custom productivity hub with the Zapier integration

Akiflow makes planning fast and easy, so you can have more time to execute your tasks. Our tool helps you focus on what’s important and to get things done.

You can level it up by connecting your favorite apps to Akiflow via Zapier.

What does Akiflow import via Zapier?

You can customize which tasks to import, from your tools for every Zap you create.

This is the "Trigger".

For example, you can select only tasks assigned to you or from specific projects.

How does the task show up in Akiflow?

You can also customize which information from the task to import (title, description, etc.) and how to display them in Akiflow.

This setting is called "Action".

If you set the "date" in the Akiflow action as the "due date" in your other tool, this will automatically plan tasks in Akiflow.

Zapier Zapier: FAQs

Syncing has taken more than 10 minutes, why?
If you are in the Free/Starter Zapier Plan, it can take up to 15 minutes to sync your tasks into Akiflow.

In Settings → Integrations → Add via Zapier you can:

  • Choose one of the templates Zapier templates
  • Connect +3000 apps directly from Zapier.
Multi-select tasks from Zapier and hit BACKSPACEHow to bulk edit tasks

Here’s an example:

  • If a task imported in Akiflow has a title, a "plan" date, a duration (in seconds!), a description, a link to go back to the source task quickly and is set up as “Goal for the day” as shown below: Zapier import settings
  • Here’s how it’s shown up in Akiflow: Zapier task
When you delete a task on Akiflow, nothing happens to the source task imported via Zapier.
  • It can take up to 15 minutes to import your tasks in Akiflow.
  • When you import a task via Zapier, it’ll be shown in your Akiflow Inbox or Today pages.
  • Any changes you make in Akiflow, won’t be reflected in the tool connected via Zapier.