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Everything Productivity for Hybrid Work, with Ohad Ronen

Here at Akiflow, we’re continuously looking for new ways to listen to our community. It’s our culture to learn more about our users’ needs and wishes to offer them the best productivity solutions. 

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ohad Ronen, one of our most active community members. Ohad is co-founder and CEO of tuto, a revenue-enabling platform that creates optimized learning journeys for SaaS customers. 

While the company is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, his team is currently operating with a hybrid work model. Ohad gave us some insights into how to cultivate productivity in a hybrid team.

Hello, Ohad! Thank you for agreeing to this interview. How do you feel about working remotely?

We are working hybrid, so each process has upsides and downsides. 

When I’m working from the office, I’m surrounded by friendly people from several different cultures, and it’s fun to work with them! On the other hand, I can do much deeper work at home, even when I sometimes get distracted by my family.

Considering your hybrid work model, how do you organize your tasks and schedule?

I use different methodologies to work on different things. 

For team projects, my company works in sprints using ClickUp. We gather all the relevant tasks for the two-week sprint and use the sprint view to control the progress. 

For personal projects, I try to collect everything in one inbox with Akiflow. I connect all the platforms, including ClickUp, to check all my tasks in the inbox, prioritize them based on my goals, and plan my day using the time blocking technique. 

What’s your biggest productivity challenge right now? 

For the company, I think the biggest challenge is to adapt to someone else’s productivity methodology in a team. Each person has their own approach to productivity, which sometimes leads to clashing schedules. 

Creating a standard productivity guideline and workflow for a team can be tricky, but it is definitely essential to its success. 

For me personally, the current challenge is to break down my bigger goals into tasks and visualize my progress towards the results I expect. 

How is Akiflow helping you overcome these challenges?

Akiflow is part of my productivity setup because it enables me to capture things faster than ever before. I really like how it integrates with every other app that I use, and with a few clicks, I’m able to stay on top of everything. 

Overall, it helps me manage all my tasks in one place and makes it easier to time block and get things done. 

Taking current and potential challenges into account, how would you like your work routine and setup to be in 10 years?

Productivity-wise, I would like the tools to be more self-sufficient and intuitive to connect between platforms and automate repetitive tasks. I want them to help me achieve more while doing less. 

To wrap up this short talk, how do you imagine the future of work in general?

I feel like the future of work will be about finding better ways to connect with teammates and share the company culture remotely. We’ll have the tools to help companies better adapt to multiple contexts and cultures, making it much easier to hire the best talents around the world.  

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