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How Akiflow Helps Keeping Track Of Tasks In Remote Work

As the world continues to adapt to the new normal of remote work, it’s essential to have a system to stay organized. The flexibility of remote working affects the 9-5 work schedule, resulting in distractions.

According to a survey, 53.1% said remote working makes it hard to separate work and personal life. And more than 10% of millennials admit that they get distracted by video games during work hours.

But now, say goodbye to the chaos of remote working because Akiflow is here to save the day! A time-blocking platform designed to help remote workers stay organized and boost productivity.

This blog post will show how Akiflow can help remote workers stay organized. And how it helps in keeping track of tasks.

How to keep remote work organized?

Working on a remote basis comes with its pros and cons. You often need help with communication and collaboration. With the ability to quickly pop into someone’s office for a quick chat or see who’s available and who’s not, remote teams may not be able to stay on the same page. Additionally, companies rely on various communication tools, making it challenging to keep track of all the conversations, files, and tasks.

With Akiflow, you can centralize your schedule and merge your tools in one place. In addition, by blocking time for your tasks in the calendar, you can easily stay on top of your workload. 

You can access it everywhere as it’s available on macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android. In addition, Akiflow can help you maintain remote work organized through its various features, such as:

Time Blocking

The purpose of time blocking is to help you manage your time during the day. You can divide your day into various blocks and set a task for each block.

You should be terrific at planning. All you have to do is split your daily time into smaller blocks. And then choose which tasks you need to complete in each time block. 

Give Time blocking a try if you want to:

  • Meet all your never-ending deadlines, 
  • Replace multitasking with focusing on one activity, 
  • Dodge distractions and procrastination, 
  • Prioritize tasks better 

Initially, it might be overwhelming as you might not know the exact hours needed to complete a task. However, with practice, you’ll nail it. 


How often do you forget that you have a meeting with a client? You failed to join because it got out of your mind, and you might not receive any notifications. 

And that leaves a wrong impression. 

But with Akiflow, you get alerts before your important meetings, so you can hop on a call simply with just one click and rock it. Depending on your preferences, you can choose what notifications you want to receive, how often, and when.

You can also keep track of your time-blocked tasks. 

Keyboard Shortcuts 

Keyboard shortcuts are a powerful tool for increasing productivity and streamlining workflow. With Akiflow, you can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly and efficiently plan and schedule tasks and events without taking your hands off the keyboard. It can help you work faster and more efficiently, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. 

By using these shortcuts, you can increase your productivity and focus on what really matters – getting your work done.


How hectic it gets when you have to see your tasks, attend meetings, and see your availability at different places. You can integrate tools into Akiflow to ensure you’re always up-to-date. Easy Peasy. 

You can integrate with various tools like: 

  • Google Calendar

Akiflow enables you to link as many Google Calendar accounts as you want. View all of your calendars alongside your assignments. Schedule meetings and conferences, share your status, and do much more.

  • Todoist

With Akiflow, you can organize your Todoist activities in your calendar. For example, you can evaluate your work by scheduling it between meetings and events on your calendar.

  • Asana

Place your Asana assignments alongside your calendar. View the projects from Asana and all other applications at the same time. Filter by assignee, project, and other criteria.

  • Slack 

Did you ever need to complete something urgent that someone requested you to do through Slack? Then, simply save a Slack discussion as an actionable task in Akiflow.

  • Trello 

See all of your Trello tasks straight in Akiflow. Then, control your Trello tasks alongside your calendars, choose what tasks to import, who to allocate things to, and much more!

  • Click up

In Akiflow, you can keep records of all your ClickUp tasks. Choose a space to import your activities, and your ClickUp tasks will appear beside your calendar.

  • Zoom 

Add attendees and schedule Zoom conferences directly from Akiflow.

  • Notion 

Import your tasks, topics, and ideas from Notion into Akiflow instantly. View your tasks alongside your calendar and in all other applications you use. Choose your workplace, assignee, deadline, and other options.

  • Gmail 

Do you continually get tasks from Gmail? Mark or tag your emails, and Akiflow will seamlessly import those as tasks.

Focus mode 

To stay focused, you search various techniques on the internet. But, despite practicing those, you fail to perform tasks. Why? Because of distractions of notifications and other stuff. 

But with Akiflow’s focus mode, you can concentrate on a task without being distracted.

Focus Mode is a feature where you can engage in a specific task or see a visual representation of your focus. The Focus Mode conceals the task list and calendar, disables all interruptions, and allows you to concentrate on one activity at a time. Prepare a plan for every task. In Focus Mode, you can jot down your notions or concerns about a task. An auto-save option also assures that none of your work is lost. Keep records of what is critical.

Share Availability 

You can instantly share your availability and generate a booking link for people to use to plan events and meetings on your calendar.

Manage your time in one place: With the Share Availability feature, you can eliminate switching between calendar apps. Instead, you may choose and share your available time slots in moments.

Create recurring time slots to notify others when you are available for meetings and events.

Set up your scheduler to fulfill your timing requirements. Set up alerts, criteria, buffer times, and other options.

Set Rituals 

You can adequately organize your calendar and monitor your daily performance using the Daily Plan and Daily Shutdown routines.

  • Daily Routine

Perform yesterday’s leftover task and today’s review to organize and time your day effectively. Then, share your schedules with your team by using Copy & Share tool.

  • Daily Shutdown

The Daily Shutdown ritual assists you in wrapping up your workday and reviewing what you accomplished today.

How Akiflow helps in keeping track of tasks

Akiflow is a centralized platform that helps remote teams stay organized and on track with their tasks. Let’s face it. Remote teams’ significant challenges are maintaining track of tasks and meeting endless deadlines. 

The lack of visibility into each team member’s work can lead to confusion and delays. Akiflow addresses these challenges by offering a variety of task management tools that make it easy for team members to assign, plan, and track tasks. These are as follows: 

  • Task list: 

One of the critical features that Akiflow offers is the task list. Team members can create and assign tasks to themselves or others, set due dates and priorities, and track progress. As a result, keeping track of tasks and completing them on time is more manageable when team members use it.

  • The calendar feature

You can use it to schedule and plan tasks and view team members’ availability to schedule meetings.

  • The Flowtime technique

Akiflow also offers the Flowtime Technique, which helps track how long a task takes. This feature helps team members track their progress and allows them to identify the factors that distract them, making it possible to eliminate them. By identifying distractions, team members can increase productivity and complete tasks more efficiently.

  • Sharing task list

Another feature of the list is sharing task lists and calendars with other team members. It makes it easy to collaborate and plan tasks together. In addition, team members can view each other’s task lists and calendars, making coordinating and meeting deadlines easy.


Akiflow is a powerful tool for remote teams to streamline their work and keep tasks on track. Its user-friendly interface, intuitive task management features, and robust collaboration tools make it easy for team members to stay organized and productive, no matter where they work. So, if you’re tired of juggling multiple apps and struggling to keep track of your to-do list, try Akiflow and watch your productivity soar.

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