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Top 14 To-Do List Apps for 2024

In this world brimming with distractions, maintaining productivity can often seem like a hard task. Whether it’s managing a professional life or juggling personal commitments, keeping track of daily tasks can seem rough. There’s no need to worry though, as technology has stepped in as an ally. 

The landscape of to-do list applications has evolved dramatically as of late, with some of them even offering integrations for other applications. As we step into 2024, we bring you the top 14 to-do list applications so you can maximize your productivity! 

Top 14 To-Do List Applications: Quick List 

Out of the hundreds of to-do list applications, we have handpicked the top 14. Here’s a quick list for your convenience. 

  1. Akiflow – Supercharging your productivity
  2. Todoist – Streamlined and intuitive task management
  3. TickTick – Task management with a built-in Pomodoro timer
  4. Things 3 – Aesthetic and flexible task management for Apple users
  5. Microsoft To-Do – Simple, cross-device task management for Microsoft users
  6. Timestripe – Combines daily tasks with long-term goal planning
  7. OmniFocus 3 – Advanced task management with deep customization
  8. Motion – AI-powered scheduling for optimized productivity
  9. Routine – Merges notes, tasks, and calendars in a clean interface
  10. Structured – Visual timeline-based task planning
  11. Actions by Moleskin – Stylish, notebook-inspired task management
  12. Sunsama – Daily planning aligned with long-term goals for professionals
  13. – Simplifies task management with a clean interface and daily planning prompts
  14. Remember The Milk – Straightforward task organization with powerful integration options

Why Should I Use A To-Do List Application?

To-do list applications are convenient and they help you get your tasks done on time. Many of these applications offer reminders and integrations with calendars, boosting your productivity, ensuring that your day is linear and well-planned. Here are some more benefits of a To-do list application. 

  1. Clarity and Focus: To-do list apps are abe to break down your tasks, giving you a clear overview of what needs to be done, allowing you to focus on one task at a time without feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Prioritization: These apps often have features that allow you to prioritize tasks, ensuring you tackle the most important or the most time-sensitive tasks first.
  3. Efficiency: Many to-do list apps offer reminders, deadlines, and notifications, helping you manage your time more efficiently and meet your deadlines.
  4. Accessibility: With cloud syncing, your tasks are accessible from any device, anywhere, ensuring you can always stay on top of your responsibilities.
  5. Stress Reduction: By externalizing your tasks into a trusted system, you reduce the mental load and stress of remembering everything you need to do.
  6. Progress Tracking: To-do list apps often provide visual progress indicators, which can be highly motivating and give you a sense of accomplishment as you complete tasks.
  7. Habit Formation: Regularly using a to-do list app can help you develop productive habits and routines, further enhancing your organizational skills.

Now that we know why we should be utilizing To-Do list applications, let’s explore what makes a good To-Do list application.

What Makes A Good To-Do List Application?

A good To-Do List application has the following qualities. 

  1. User-Friendly Interface: It should have an intuitive, clean, and easy-to-navigate interface, allowing users to add, organize, and check off tasks with minimal effort.
  2. Customization: The app should offer various customization options, such as creating categories, setting priorities, and choosing different views (e.g., list, calendar, kanban), to suit individual preferences and workflows.
  3. Cross-Platform Compatibility: A top-tier to-do list app should sync seamlessly across devices and platforms, ensuring that users can access and manage their tasks from anywhere.
  4. Reminders and Notifications: Essential for helping users keep track of deadlines and important tasks, reminders should be customizable in terms of timing and repetition.
  5. Integration Capabilities: The ability to integrate with other productivity tools, calendars, and apps can streamline the user’s workflow and centralize task management.

There are hundreds of To-Do List applications out there, and finding the right one can be hard. Not all of them offer the qualities above. Hence, we’ve cherry-picked the best To-Do List applications for you. Let’s dive right into it. 

1. Akiflow

Supercharging Your Productivity

Akiflow is a calendar application that is capable of boosting your productivity twofold. It is a daily planner application that is filled with features and integrations that come in handy, both in professional and personal lives. Here are some of the main features of Akiflow.

  1. Time Blocking: Akiflow makes time management easier for individuals who like to live on a schedule. It is capable of utilizing the Time Blocking method that helps you in planning your day by dividing it into several blocks. 
  2. Notifications: Akiflow can send you notifications regarding your events, to-dos, and tasks through a notification system. These notifications can be managed in settings, and you can even control when you want to receive a notification.
  3. Inbox & Calendar: Akiflow offers a sleek calendar that helps you plan your day, based on the integrations you have selected. If you have a Google meeting from 4-5pm, It will already be marked on the Akiflows calendar, and you will be sent a reminder for the meeting. 
  4. Share Availability: One of the best features of Akiflow is Share Availability. With it, you can quickly share your availability and create a bookable link for others to schedule meetings and events on your calendar. 
  5. Integrations: You can connect Akiflow with other applications and platforms, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Notion, Asana, Zoom, ClickUp, Trello, Todoist, GitHub, and even Jira. 

Pricing: Akiflow is priced at $180 per year and $24.99 per month. It also offers a 5 year plan at just $8.33 per month, totalling $500.

Akiflow can be utilized as a To-Do List application, letting you select a time frame for your tasks and sending you reminders regarding them. With so many integrations, it ensures that all of your tasks stay in one place.

2. Todoist

Streamlined and intuitive task management

Todoist is another versatile task management application that stands out due to its simplicity and efficiency. It is designed to accommodate both personal and professional realms, empowering users to organize their lives with remarkable ease. Here are some of its features.

  1. Intuitive Interface: Todoist boasts a simple and intuitive design that makes adding and organizing tasks a breeze, even for beginners.
  2. Task Prioritization: Users can prioritize tasks with color-coded priority levels, helping to focus on the most important tasks first.
  3. Natural Language Input: Adding tasks is as easy as typing a sentence, with Todoist intelligently recognizing due dates, recurring tasks, and priority levels from natural language input.
  4. Project and Sub-Project Organization: Todoist allows users to create projects and sub-projects, enabling them to categorize and manage related tasks effectively.
  5. Sub-Tasks and Dependencies: Users can break down tasks into smaller, manageable sub-tasks and set dependencies, ensuring a logical flow of task completion.

Pricing: The Pro version of Todoist is priced at $4 per month, and the Business plan is priced at $6 per month.

Todoist also features cross-platform synchronization and also lets you connect your calendar and other tools with its integrations. With its combination of simplicity, flexibility, and depth, Todoist stands as a compelling choice for anyone looking to streamline their to-do list and enhance their organisational prowess. Whether for managing daily errands or orchestrating complex projects, Todoist provides the features necessary to do so with confidence and clarity.

3. TickTick

Task management with a built-in Pomodoro timer

TickTick is another popular task management application with an inbuilt Pomodoro timer for productivity lovers. It has innovative features that appeal to the casual list-maker and the productivity enthusiast. Here are some of its features. 

  1. Flexible Task Management: TickTick offers simple yet powerful task organization, with lists, tags, and priority levels to categorize and manage tasks efficiently.
  2. Natural Language Input: Add tasks swiftly using natural language, and TickTick will automatically recognize elements like dates and reminders.
  3. Built-In Calendar: Integrate your tasks with a calendar view, giving you a clear perspective of your deadlines and schedules.
  4. Pomodoro Timer: Boost focus and productivity by using the built-in Pomodoro timer, which encourages work sessions interspersed with short breaks.
  5. Habit Tracking: TickTick isn’t just about tasks; it also includes a habit tracker to help you build and maintain positive daily habits.

Pricing: TickTick’s annual plan is priced at $3 per month, totalling $35.99 for a year. 

With these features and more, TickTick positions itself as not just a task manager but a lifestyle app, helping users not only organize their work but also build better habits and maintain focus in their daily lives. Whether you seek simplicity or sophistication in your productivity tool, TickTick is equipped to rise to the challenge.

4. Things 3

Aesthetic and flexible task management for Apple users

Things 3 offers a harmonious blend of design and functionality, a to-do list application that stands out among Apple users. It is lauded for its elegant interface as well as thoughtful features. It is also quite simple to use, as it was crafted for Apple devices. Here’s a quick rundown of its features. 

  1. Beautiful User Interface: Things 3 is renowned for its stunning design, boasting a clean, intuitive interface that makes task management a visually pleasing experience.
  2. Magic Plus Button: Adding tasks is a delight with the Magic Plus Button, which allows users to input tasks anywhere in the app quickly.
  3. Natural Language Input: Tasks can be added easily using natural language, and Things 3 will automatically recognize elements like dates and times.
  4. Headings for Projects: Organize tasks within projects using headings, which provide structure and clarity to complex projects.
  5. Checklist Items: Break tasks into smaller, manageable checklist items without cluttering your main to-do list.

Pricing: Things 3 offers a one-time payment of $9.99 for iOS users, and it’s license can be bought for $49.99 for macOS users. 

Things 3’s unique combination of simplicity, power, and elegance makes it not just a tool, but a companion for those seeking a more organized, productive lifestyle. Its user-centric design principles and robust feature set ensure that it remains a favorite for managing tasks and projects in the Apple ecosystem.

5. Microsoft To-Do

Simple, cross-device task management for Microsoft users

Microsoft To Do, previously known as Wunderlist, is a cloud-based task management application that has gained popularity for its simplicity and integration with the Microsoft ecosystem. It provides a straightforward, no-frills approach to organizing your day-to-day activities and professional tasks. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

  1. Simple and Clean Interface: Microsoft To-Do features a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate, emphasizing a clutter-free task management experience.
  2. Integration with Microsoft 365: Seamlessly syncs with other Microsoft services, including Outlook, making it an ideal choice for those already within the Microsoft ecosystem.
  3. Task Lists and Steps: Organize tasks into lists and break them down into steps or sub-tasks for more detailed organization.
  4. Shared Lists: Collaborate with others by sharing lists and assigning tasks suitable for both personal and professional teamwork.
  5. Customizable Themes: Personalize your experience with various themes and background images, including the option to choose your pictures.

Pricing: Microsoft To-Do is a free to use application. 

Microsoft To Do’s appeal lies in its simplicity and deep integration with the Microsoft suite, offering a streamlined task management experience that’s especially beneficial for those already using Microsoft products. Its focus on essential features and ease of use makes it a solid choice for both personal and professional task organization.

6. Timestripe

Combines daily tasks with long-term goal planning

Timestripe is a distinctive to-do list and calendar app with a horizon-based approach to time management and goal setting. It encourages users to look beyond the daily grind and consider their long-term objectives, aligning their daily tasks with broader life ambitions. Let’s take a look at its features. 

  1. Horizon View: Timestripe’s hallmark feature, the Horizon View, presents a long-term overview of your goals and tasks, helping you align daily actions with your overarching life vision.
  2. Goal Setting: It emphasizes setting and tracking long-term goals, breaking them down into actionable tasks that fit into your daily, weekly, and monthly plans.
  3. Visual Calendar: The app provides a visually rich calendar experience, making it easy to see the big picture of your time commitments and plans.
  4. Inspirational Quotes: Timestripe includes daily inspirational quotes and affirmations, fostering a motivational environment for its users.
  5. Customizable Interface: The app offers a high degree of customization, allowing users to personalize their experience with themes, colors, and layouts.

Pricing: Timestripe is priced at just $5 per month which is billed yearly. 

Tmestripe also offers collaboration tools, letting you share your calendars with others. Its visually oriented and horizon-based system also serves as a constant reminder of the bigger picture, encouraging users to stay focused on their long-term aspirations.

7. OmniFocus 3

Advanced task management with deep customization

OmniFocus 3 is a highly regarded task management app, particularly within the Apple ecosystem, known for its robust feature set that caters to power users and those who subscribe to the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. Here’s an outlook. 

  1. GTD Oriented: Specifically designed with the Getting Things Done methodology in mind, it’s ideal for those who follow this productivity framework.
  2. Custom Perspectives: Create custom views of your tasks and projects, focusing on what’s relevant at the moment.
  3. Forecast View: Get a combined view of your tasks and calendar events to see what’s on the horizon.
  4. Review Feature: A dedicated review feature ensures that all projects and tasks stay on track and nothing falls through the cracks.
  5. Rich Task Organization: Organize tasks with projects, tags, and dependencies to manage even the most complex workloads.

Pricing: OmniFocus 3 offers a subscription plan at $9.99 per month. Additionally, it offers a one time payment of $49.99 for a standard license and a one time payment of $99.99 for a pro license. 

OmniFocus 3’s depth and flexibility make it an excellent tool for managing complex projects and workflows. Its commitment to the GTD methodology and its powerful organizational tools make it a favorite among productivity enthusiasts who demand more from their to-do list app.

8. Motion

Motion is a dynamic to-do list and scheduling app designed for professionals who seek to optimize their time management and productivity. It stands out with its AI-driven approach to automatically planning your day, ensuring that you make the most out of every hour. Here’s an outlook of its features.

  1. AI-Powered Scheduling: Motion uses artificial intelligence to automatically schedule your tasks and meetings in the most efficient way possible.
  2. Dynamic Task Adjustment: The app adapts your schedule in real-time as priorities shift, ensuring optimal allocation of your time.
  3. Integrated Calendar: Motion combines your to-do list and calendar, offering a unified view of tasks and appointments.
  4. Meeting Coordination: It simplifies meeting scheduling by coordinating times between participants, reducing the back-and-forth often involved in finding a suitable slot.
  5. Priority-Based Task Management: Organize tasks by priority, and let Motion’s AI determine the best time to tackle them.

Pricing: Motion is priced at $34 per month for individuals and $20 for teams. 

Motion also allows for time-blocking, helping you improve your productivity twofold. Its AI-driven scheduling and real-time adaptability make it a standout choice for professionals and teams looking to enhance their productivity through smart time management and automated scheduling.

9. Routine

Merges notes, tasks, and calendars in a clean interface

Routine is a modern productivity app that merges the functions of a calendar, to-do list, and note-taking tool into a cohesive platform. It’s designed to streamline the task and time management process for busy individuals seeking a unified solution. Here’s a brief overview of its features:

  1. Unified Interface: Combines tasks, calendar, and notes in one place for a holistic view of your day and week.
  2. Smart Task Input: Utilizes natural language processing for easy task entry and scheduling.
  3. Routine Assistant: An AI assistant helps prioritize tasks and manage your schedule efficiently.
  4. Note Integration: Seamlessly integrates note-taking with tasks and calendar entries, keeping all relevant information connected.
  5. Daily Digest: Offers a daily overview of tasks and appointments to help you plan your day effectively.

Pricing: Routine is priced at $12 per month for professionals and $15 per user for businesses. 

Routine’s all-in-one approach is particularly appealing for those who prefer a consolidated platform for managing their tasks, schedule, and notes, reducing the need to switch between multiple apps and tools throughout the day.

10. Structured

Visual timeline-based task planning

Structured is a visually appealing and intuitive to-do list and planner app that stands out for its simplicity and focus on visual organization. It’s designed for individuals who appreciate a clean, structured approach to planning their day. Here’s a quick rundown of its features:

  1. Visual Timeline: Presents your tasks and events on a clear, easy-to-read timeline for the day.
  2. Simple Task Entry: Allows for quick and straightforward entry of tasks and appointments.
  3. Customizable Themes: Offers a variety of themes and colors to personalize the visual experience.
  4. Reminders: Set reminders for tasks to ensure you don’t miss important deadlines or appointments.
  5. Recurring Tasks: Supports recurring tasks for daily, weekly, monthly, or custom intervals.
  6. Widget Support: Provides widgets for quick access to your timeline and tasks from your device’s home screen.

Pricing: Structued can be downloaded for free, with in-application purchases. 

Structured’s clean and visual approach makes it a compelling choice for users who are visual planners and appreciate an aesthetically pleasing and straightforward way to organize their day. It even has a focus timer for those that love to focus on a single task. 

11. Actions by Moleskin

Stylish, notebook-inspired task management

Actions by Moleskine is a stylish and user-friendly task management app from the company known for its iconic notebooks. It’s designed for individuals who appreciate both functionality and aesthetic appeal in their productivity tools. Here’s a snapshot of its features:

  1. Elegant Design: Sports a clean, elegant design reflective of Moleskine’s classic notebook aesthetic.
  2. Timepage Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Moleskine’s Timepage calendar app for a holistic view of tasks and appointments.
  3. Gesture-Based Controls: Utilizes intuitive gestures for creating, completing, and managing tasks.
  4. Customizable Lists: Organize tasks into custom lists to keep various aspects of your life separate yet accessible.
  5. Recurring Tasks: Supports recurring tasks for regular reminders and habits.

Pricing: Actions by Moleskine’s can be downloaded for free, with in-app purchases. 

Actions by Moleskine’s blend of form and function makes it an attractive choice for users who not only want a robust task management tool but also value the beauty and simplicity in the design of their apps.

12. Sunsama

Daily planning aligned with long-term goals for professionals

Sunsama is a daily planner and task manager designed for professionals and teams looking to blend their tasks, meetings, and workflow into a harmonious daily agenda. It’s particularly suited for those who want a balanced approach to managing their work and personal life. Here’s a brief overview of its features:

  1. Daily Planning Ritual: Encourages a daily planning routine to help you focus on what’s important.
  2. Calendar Integration: Integrates with your existing calendars, pulling in meetings and events to create a comprehensive daily agenda.
  3. Task Prioritization: Prioritize tasks to ensure that your most critical work gets done.
  4. Channel Integration: Connects with tools like Slack, Asana, Trello, and more, pulling tasks directly into your daily plan.
  5. Collaboration: Share your plans with team members and coordinate on tasks and meetings.

Pricing: Sunsama offers an yearly subscription for $16 and a monthly subscription for $20. 

Sunsama’s unique approach to daily planning and its integration with various productivity tools make it a comprehensive solution for professionals and teams aiming to bring structure and balance to their workdays.


Simplifies task management with a clean interface and daily planning prompts is a versatile and user-friendly task management app known for its simplicity and cross-platform accessibility. It’s designed for individuals who want an all-in-one solution for organizing their tasks, lists, and reminders. Here’s a brief rundown of its features:

  1. Simple Interface: Boasts a clean, intuitive interface that makes task management straightforward.
  2. Voice Entry: Add tasks using voice commands for quick and hands-free entry.
  3. Cross-Platform Sync: Synchronizes across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, web, and various smart devices.
  4. Calendar Integration: Integrates with your calendar to provide a unified view of tasks and events.
  5. Daily Planner: Offers a daily planner feature to help you review and organize tasks for the day.

Pricing: offers a premium plan for just $3 and $5 for teams.’s blend of essential features with a minimalist design ethos makes it a popular choice for users seeking a straightforward and effective task management solution. It also offers Shared Tasks and a focus mode, among other features. 

14.Remember The Milk

Straightforward task organisation with powerful integration options

Remember The Milk is a veteran in the realm of to-do list apps, known for its straightforward approach to task management and its quirky, playful design. It’s favored by individuals who prefer a no-nonsense app with powerful features under the hood. Here’s a quick look at its offerings:

  1. Smart Add: Quickly add tasks with natural language input and smart parsing of dates and priorities.
  2. Cross-Platform Sync: Synchronizes tasks across all your devices, including mobile, desktop, and web.
  3. Subtasks: Break down complex tasks into manageable subtasks.
  4. Advanced Organizing: Organize tasks with lists, tags, and locations.
  5. Reminders: Get reminders via email, SMS, or app notifications, so you never forget a task.

Pricing: Remember The Milk offers a subscription for $49.99 per year. 

Remember The Milk’s comprehensive feature set, combined with its fun and engaging interface, makes it a solid choice for those looking for a capable and established task manager. It also had widgets and gadgets functionality. 


In conclusion, the quest for the perfect to-do list app is a personal journey, as each individual’s productivity needs are unique. The 14 apps we’ve explored offer a wide range of features and interfaces, from the minimalist and straightforward to the feature-rich and complex. Whether you’re a busy professional juggling multiple projects, a student managing coursework and deadlines, or simply someone striving for more organized daily routines, there’s an app on this list that’s tailored to your needs.

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