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We understand the challenges of staying productive when you have ADHD, Akiflow is packed with features that will help you. No more distractions, no more jumping between apps - just clear, focused productivity.

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Universal Inbox

Goodbye to the overwhelming feeling of managing multiple apps!

No more wasted time or energy switching between multiple platforms. Your new universal inbox makes it simple to import all your tasks from various apps into one easy-to-manage space.

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Time Blocking app

Block time
for your tasks

Take control of your day and get things done, without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Say goodbye to scattered thoughts and hello to a more productive, ADHD-friendly approach to getting things done.

Never forget a task or event again

Enjoy personalized reminders and notifications that keep you on track and focused throughout the day. Our ADHD-friendly design helps you stay organized, so you can achieve your goals with ease.

Time Blocking app

Go to the next level with powerful features

Quick task actions

Prioritise, Plan and Snooze with keyboard shortcuts.

quick task actions
Smart Projects

Custom projects to organize your work the way it feels right for you.
Easy to add, they help you have a visually clear view of your day.

smart projects
Time Slots

Make slots for various activities like Product Review, Customer Support etc, and then, fill those slots with tasks and take control of your day.

Upcoming View

Easily check and organize your schedule over time.

upcoming view
Command Bar

Forget about your mouse when creating a task. Use the command bar to schedule date, time, duration and categorize the task with projects and priority.

command bar
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Slack Community

Where busy professionals join forces to help each other improve their productivity.

Open Roadmap

Contribute to our features roadmap and shape the future of Akiflow.

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Meet the team

We can’t wait to meet you! Chat and call directly with us about how we can make Akiflow better.

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