Trello + Akiflow

Connect your Trello account to Akiflow to keep up with your projects. Collect all your tasks in a single view and improve your project management workflow!

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About the Trello integration

Go to Settings in your Akiflow account, head to the Integrations page, and click on Trello.

From now on, Akiflow will automatically import your cards, showing them up in the Inbox.

Hit O as "Open" on a selected task to be redirected to your Trello card

Keep track of your projects with the Trello integration

Akiflow makes planning fast and easy, so you can have more time to execute your tasks. Akiflow helps you focus on what’s important and to get things done.

We’ve built the Trello integration to help you consolidate all your tasks in a single view and facilitate your daily planning with time blocking. Connect your Trello account now to improve your performance in projects!

What does Akiflow import from Trello?

You can choose which spaces to import, and for each of them:

  • To import only cards assigned to you
  • Or import all cards

All not completed tasks from the last 90 days onwards will be imported in Akiflow.

If you accidentally import too many tasks, you can multi-select your tasks to take bulk actions!

Trello Trello: FAQs

Can I connect more accounts?
You can connect as many Trello accounts as you want!

A popup will appear with the following options:

Trello complete task
  • Pick which Trello cards to delete:
  • Delete all your tasks:
    • Go to Settings → Integrations → Connected → Trello
    • Click on the button “Delete all tasks fetched from this account”. This action will delete all the tasks imported so far from Trello in Akiflow. Nothing will happen to your source tasks in Trello.
    • Disconnect your Trello account by clicking on the bin icon in the top right corner of this page.
    • Reconnect Trello by going back to Integrations → Add Native Integration → Trello
When you delete a task on Akiflow, nothing happens to the source task in Trello.
  • Akiflow and Trello are synched in real time.
  • When you create a task in Trello, it’ll be shown in your Akiflow Inbox.
  • Any changes you make in Akiflow, won’t be reflected on Trello.