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Akiflow’s Command Bar: Then, Now, Next! 🔮


Get ready for some insider info. We’ve got Francesco, Nunzio, and Stefania taking us on a journey from the humble beginnings of our command bar to the AI-powered powerhouse it’s becoming! 🚀

🕰️The Old Days

Akiflow’s command bar started as a pretty basic tool. Our mission? To speed up workflows and make productivity easy-peasy! We wanted to escape the chaos of using a million different apps, so we built our own! 👩‍💻

Here’s an old video of the first Akiflow version

⏭️ The Big Shift

Based on your feedback, we realized we could do even better. You guys wanted a “one-stop-shop” to visualize and manage everything, so we gave birth to Akiflow 2.0. It was all about moving tasks seamlessly, from any platform to any other, in just a few clicks! 🎯

📌Present Day

Now, our command bar isn’t just a tool, it’s THE tool. It’s a shortcut to everything Akiflow offers and lets you brain dump all your tasks without breaking your flow. No need to switch contexts, just drop a task in there and keep doing your thing!

🔭What’s Next

We’re going all in on a command bar revamp! Think lightning-speed actions, slick UI/UX, and features like viewing your calendar while planning tasks 📆. And get this – we’re bringing AI to the party! 🤖 More commands and integrations are in the works too, so stay tuned!

That’s it, folks! We can’t wait for you to try out these exciting new features in the next release. Until then, keep flowing

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