Zoom + Akiflow

Connect your Zoom account to Akiflow to create events with a Zoom link.

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About the Zoom integration

Go to Settings in your Akiflow account, head to the Integrations page, and click on Zoom.

Creating an event with a Zoom link
Click on the "Conference" field of an event popup and select Zoom.

Creating a Zoom meeting from the Command Bar
Hit ALT/OPT + SPACE (or your custom shortcut) to open the Command Bar and type "Zoom" to create a New Zoom Meeting.

Guarantee a smooth meeting experience with the Zoom integration

We’ve built the Zoom integration to provide you with a seamless meeting booking experience. Connect your Zoom account to optimize your meetings!

Zoom: FAQs

You can connect as many Zoom accounts as you want!

Go to Settings -> Calendar -> Default conference tool and pick a Zoom account you connected to Akiflow:
From now on, any time you create an event with a guest in Akiflow, a Zoom conference link will be automatically added.

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