Slack + Akiflow

Connect your Slack to Akiflow to turn your messages into tasks.

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About the Slack integration

Go to Settings in your Akiflow account, head to the Integrations page, and click on Slack.
Saved messages 📌 in Slack will be automatically imported as tasks into Akiflow.


Hit O as "Open" on a task to be redirected to the Slack source message

Turn messages into tasks with the Slack integration

Akiflow makes planning fast and easy so you can have more time to execute your tasks.

We’ve built the Slack integration to help you turn your messages into tasks and time block their execution into your calendar. Connect your Slack account with Akiflow to manage your messages like a pro!

Which messages should I turn into tasks?

When you receive a message on Slack, ask yourself:

  • Can I reply to this right now? -> If not, save it!
  • Does it require me an activity? -> If yes, save it!

Slack: FAQs

You can connect as many Slack accounts as you want!

Akiflow will import only the messages you save from the moment you connect Slack to Akiflow.

A popup will appear with the following options:

The corresponding task will be marked as done in Akiflow.

When you delete a task on Akiflow, nothing happens to the source task (your Slack message).

  • Akiflow imports your Slack messages when you save them.
  • When you mark a task imported from Slack as done in Akiflow you can decide what happens on Slack:
  • When you unsave a Slack message, the related Akiflow task will be marked as done.

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